How KAMS can help you in CIS countries and in the East

Assistance with business establishment and growth in Russia

Assisting you to position yourself in public-private partnerships

Representing and protecting your economic interests

Advising you in your strategic choices

Assisting you in all your negotiations


Oil and gas

Russia boasts the largest natural gas reserves and the ninth largest crude oil reserves in the world


A huge consumer market

The population of Russia is more than 142.8 million people and with the increase in disposable income and the subsequent growing middle class, Russia is quickly becoming one of the largest consumer markets in the world


Tax friendly

The tax system is one of the most generous in the world in order to attract investors and to continue the development of the country’s economy. Residents enjoy an extremely low tax rate of 13 %, an income tax of 20% and an 18% VAT rate


At the forefront of new technology

Russia has a need to develop new technologies and warmly welcomes projects involving advanced technologies


Strategic geographical location

Russia benefits from large geographical latitude, thus benefiting from ties with Europe, Asia as well as the North American continent. Russia basks in three of the four oceans of the world and has access to all routes